Rookery House

"We used DJP Construction for an extensive renovation project, consisting of alterations to two existing floors, the addition of a third floor and a further single storey extension to the rear of the property. Due to the size and nature of the project it was key to select a contractor who not only would provide excellent quality for the main works but who could liaise closely with other specialist organizations that would be involved with specific parts of the project."

"On initially planning the project we had no direct knowledge of local companies who might be able to undertake the work; our architect recommended considering DJP as one of the potential contractors as they had previously worked with them and been impressed with the results. DJP’s tender was very competitive with others we received but we were particularly impressed with the level of information contained in the tender and it was very clear where the costs were going to be incurred. We actually requested other tenderers try to provide a similar level of detail for us to be able to do a comparison at a level where each stage was broken down sufficiently. The combination of a competitive quotation along with this level of detail allowed us to feel confident that DJP had thoroughly considered what was a complex project and led us to choosing them as our preferred contractor."

 “We had the pleasure of working with DJP Construction on the substantial extension and refurbishment of our family home.  Their professional approach to the project is to be commended and each member of their team takes care and gives attention to detail.  The site was well managed and tidy with a focus on customer satisfaction.”

"It soon became clear that this was probably the best decision we could have made for the project. Right from the start the relationship with Dave and the team was very open and gave us a high degree of confidence in what would be delivered. This confidence meant we were also happy to consider Dave’s recommendations for other organizations for some of the specific parts of the project. These proved to be excellent recommendations, which added to the team approach to the project. Likewise whenever we introduced other organizations we had selected for the project, Dave went above and beyond what we expected to ensure this work was fitted into the overall project framework."

"As we progressed the project there were several occasions where we wanted to consider different options before making a final decision. We had decided to continue to engage our architect throughout the build and DJP managed changes to scope via their preferred quantity surveyor. This is an approach we would thoroughly recommend. The input from all parties led to an excellent review of potential approaches, which we feel has contributed significantly to the final result. The use of the quantity surveyor meant whenever options were discussed we were given very clear indication of the cost implication of any changes to the original quoted scope. This made it extremely simple to determine which options we felt were worth pursuing and which were not. A measure of the success of this approach is that as we look back on the project there is nothing of any significance we feel we would have done differently if we undertook the project again."

"Overall the quality and finish of the work provided by DJP has been excellent, but what most impressed us was how much the team felt engaged with the project and went the extra mile to ensure we were happy with the results. There were very few issues throughout the project, which was surprising given the scale of the works. Importantly whenever an issue arose Dave ensured it was addressed effectively and with the minimum of interruption to the overall project We would have no hesitation in recommending DJP to anyone undertaking a future project."

Andrew Harris


Austin Design Works

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